Fameely Sea Moss Kids Noodle – Signature Flavour

50g x 5


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Why is it special?
• Superfood Noodle for Kids – 1st in Malaysia
• Noodles are specially formulated for kids and recipes are patented from Hana.B
•  Noodles are made from Premium Sea Moss
• Comes with 2 flavours – Signature Sauce and Tomato Sauce (made from Premium Sea Moss)
• 5 pack of noodles in a box (50g each pack), pack with individual sachet sauces and collectible toys. (while stock last)
• Super rich with minerals and nutrients – protein, iron, magnesium, calcium, soluble fiber, B12, potassium and many more…
• Supporting children’s growth and boost their immune system.
• Tomato flavour can be consumed by Vegetarian.
• Easy to prepare, nutritious and yummy.

We are very sure your kids will love it, suitable for adults who likes mini noodles too!

1 box comes with 5 individually packed noodles with sauces.

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