Hana.B Superfood: Sea Moss – Kim Kardashian

Sea Moss And Kim Kardashian

If you’ve read literally anything we’ve posted, you know all about sea moss and why we can’t stop talking about it. But do you know about its recent history with Hollywood?

Just how did this superfood start trending? What started the trend of people enjoying its many benefit?

Of course, if you follow the most popular superstars and celebrity news, you probably know: It started with Kim Kardashian. So what’s the story between her and sea moss?

Kim Kardashian’s Instagram Post

It all started with Kim Kardashian sharing an Instagram story. But not just any Instagram story. The centre of her post was her plant-based diet and its future superstar: sea moss. Specifically, a sea moss smoothie.

Her post got people talking and asking questions. What was sea moss? Why did Kim Kardashian love it? Was it really that good if a famous celebrity and influencer would consume it? It started a viral wave of people asking questions, which tends to happen when superstars share parts of their daily routines.

Whether they wanted to look like her, enjoy her health diet, or follow her trends, Kim Kardashian’s post definitely started the sea moss craze.

The Sea Moss Smoothie Phenomenon

When her post exploded, people started doing their research and discovering more. And they liked what they found.

People found several recipes for sea moss smoothies, and learned about its many benefits. Like being packed with 92 of the essential minerals our bodies need, or preserving healthy bodily functions like our thyroid, hormones, and blood pressure.

And from there, the glamour of sea moss got better. Other celebrities like Cardi B, Erykah Badu, Charlamagne Da God, Angela Yee, Styles P, DJ Envy, and Jadakiss shared their approval of this strange-looking beverage, and people ate it up.

So with star power and super benefits behind it, sea moss became a phenomenon for healthy eaters and celebrity fans. Not bad for a smoothie that confused people who first saw it in a Kardashian Instagram story.

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